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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Remember when scrapbooking was an art?!? Ok so it still is, but sometimes there's just not enough time. I never thought I would go digital, but here I am 5 books later. I love Shutterfly for everything digital. Their photo books are great, and their cards are so cute...especially their holiday cards this year. Check out their photo christmas cards.  I ordered some cards last year and loved them so much. I've seen some really cute cards for other special occasions too (birthday cards) and  (invitations). I've tried a few other companies, and Shutterfly is my favorite. There are enough ideas so you don't have to think too much and enough options for a little creative freedom. The best part is Shutterfly is doing a promotion this year to get the word out about their holiday cards. Check it out HERE. The emails for addresses have already started, and I even have one hanging up (nice job Chelsea on getting them done early). I better get going or at least start collecting addresses. Now the questions...which card do i pick? what pictures do i use to highlight the year? so many things to think about.

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