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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bridal Shower on the Boat

Nicole and Matt are getting married next weekend. Since she lives out of town we started talking about her bridal shower the second she got engaged. She picked the date and time (since she had 2 other showers that day), and we started planning. In the midst of the planning, Serena somewhat jokingly suggested boating instead of a traditional shower. I don't think anything could be more appropriate for Nicole. We met at Jaynie's last weekend before hitting the lake. This was by far the best and most fun bridal shower I have ever been to.

the bride

she opened presents (with a little craft talk), we ate (don't tell Jaynie's mom there was food on the boat)

Serena surfed, Jaynie did a few tricks on the water

Nicole started out the wakeboarding, Mary got up on the ski and then did something to her back (thank goodness Nicole is a PT and she felt better by the end of the night)

we took pictures (Courtney, me, Mary, Tonya, Serena, Jaynie, Nicole) and watched the sunset from the boat

It's been a few years since the Turnberry days, but being out on the boat together felt like old times. We laughed our heads off and reminisced about those days. I love those girls so much.

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