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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter from my Phone

one of these days i am either going to
a. stop taking pictures with my cracked lens cell phone or
b. get a new phone (will someone puh lease tell me when the IPhone 5 is coming out and if I can hold out that long)

or more likely i will continue to be lazy and take pictures with my cracked lens phone and not get a new one until this one turns off and won't turn back on

my mom's extended family has an easter picnic every year. this year someone finally had kids old enough to do the egg hunt.

how cute is this?!?

the kids with the easter bunny. they were less than thrilled

due to the supposed spending freeze (which i've taken a a little break from this month), i didn't think i would have a new easter dress. we stopped by wal-mart on the way out of town, and i found this new easter skirt. not kidding. my easter outfit came from wal-mart.

once we got back to vegas, chelsea pulled out her camera and i stopped with the crappy cell phone pics.

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  1. I should have kept reading...Walmart! Awesome! The Walmart by Cameron actually had a WAY cute line of clothes. I've looked for it at others I've been to and none of them carry it. I just might have to start shopping down at his for my clothes.


    Projected iPhone 5 is more than likely going to be around October. Hope you can hold out that long :)


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