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Friday, December 9, 2016

what i'm listening to

i love christmas music! i listen to it as much as possible during the holiday season, but i also listen to it throughout the year. i always have a song or two on my gym/running playlist. i get pretty excited when the christmas songs shuffle through. recently i find myself really liking instrumental christmas music. it's great in the background.

i love the piano guys christmas in the background on pandora.
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i recently discovered baby nephi. the christmas album was designed as lullabies for children, but i love it too. it's very relaxing. it can be found anywhere music is sold.
i enjoy listening to the music, but it would also make a great gift for the very young child on your list.

i will always love n sync christmas. i'm enjoying pentatonix this year. what are some of your faves?

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this post was sponsored by baby nephi. all opinions are my own.

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  1. Both are great ones! Emmy and I just started listening to Baby Nephi the other night.


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