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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

blogging the paradise.. 6.5.2

who's watching: the usual crowd was busy tonight so it's Bonnie, Dylan, and Sarah joined later

Even though Derek is gone, we spend the first 10+ minutes rehashing that whole thing. 

We finally see a little tiny bit of Chris and Katie. They both like each other, and that's about all we see. Kristian and Demi love each other. Tayshia talks to JPJ and apparently she is smitten. I am so frustrated with him from the past several episodes that it is hard to even care about that. 

Chase comes down and is all about Angela. Clay is all kinds of confused that Angela is even there. Nicole and Tayshia aren't the nicest making fun of Angela's strut into the wedding. They spend far too much time in my opinion talking about Clay and Angela. 

Blake continues to be alone. He thinks about leaving. He probably should. Instead he decides he actually does want to be with Kristina and tells her that. 

Matt Donald is so awkward for some reason about kissing Sydney. He gets advice from EVERYONE on the beach and a rub down from JPJ to get off alllll the sweat. He finally does it, and the edits are killer. 

Chris asks Katie to be his girlfriend and she says yes. Clay pulls Angela aside to have a chat. They agree to be adults and move on with their relationships. It was only kind of believable. Blake is still stuck on Kristina. He seems to believe himself even though we don't. The rose ceremony is very predictable. Since Derek left, there is only one guy that doesn't get a rose. Mike doesn't get a rose. He is sad that he can't find anyone yet he is so happy for everyone else finding love. 

Blake and Kristina say they're going to give it another try. Bri comes in and immediately wants to talk to Blake. She wants to take Blake on the date. He tells her no but in the meantime Kristina has herself so worked up. She is already so mad before she even hears what he has to say. 

The next day everyone is working out and talking about their feelings, and then Dean shows up with his clean shaven face. Why did we need to see such a close up of him shaving that mustache? Dean tells Caelynn he made a mistake and he wants a relationship with her. He seems really serious and she is confused.

To be continued...

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