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Monday, January 18, 2021

Blogging the Bach 25.2 and 25.3

Episode 2 also known as queen Victoria or as she wants it to be known as queen Victoria. 

Celsey and I are watching together like old times. It is fun to watch with the crowd, but it is also kind of fun to go back to the original days when we watched in their basement apartment. 

We are still at the point in the season where we don’t really know who anyone is. We are trying to figure out who is who, but when there are so many people it is tricky. I am pretty sure there are girls we haven’t heard a word from, and there are other girls that we have heard way too much from. The show seems to be better adjusted to filming in COVID times and has really figured out how to make this work. 

Date #1-The first one on one with Bri was no surprise. She got a decent amount of attention last week in the media about her so I was excited to see more of her. Matt obviously likes her, and she obviously likes him. The ATV crash was a little scary, but it quickly seemed like everything was fine. 

I never got around to finishing the blog last week. We can pretty much just say that Queen Victoria was the main focus on the episode. No one is really taking her seriously, but she sure is getting a lot of air time. It is pretty uncomfortable to watch, and I am looking forward to the time that she is off of my TV. Can someone explain the huge discrepancy between her appearance on the show and her social media. She doesn’t even look like the same person. 

The group date was the Victoria and her black bra show. Sarah had the other one on one. Jury is still out on that. The show ends at the rose ceremony and Sarah is passing out as the show ends. 

Who’s watching: Celsey and I are watching together again. We miss our friends, but it really is fun to watch like old times. 

We start out back at the rose ceremony. Sarah fainted. Matt comforts her. She seems ok and the rose ceremony resumes. It seems like a lot of girls did not get a rose. Does anyone else wonder why Matt gave Marylynn the orchid and then sent her home? I don’t even know who else did not get a rose, but I am glad the Marylynn vs Victoria drama is over. 

Chris Harrison comes in and tells the girls that he and Matt have agreed that he has a hard time feeling uncomfortable so he is going to plan some of the dates to help Matt get out of his comfort zone. 

Group date #1-Today is a surprise for everyone
The girls and Matt meet Ashley I and they’re going to writing a love/sex story. We were pretty distracted for a good part of the date which was totally fine with us. The date was pretty uncomfortable to watch and seemed pretty weird for someone who started the whole season with a prayer. Meanwhile Sarah is losing her mind. I thought she was on the date, but apparently she wasn’t. She comes in and interrupts Katie’s time. She talks and talks. Katie is mad. Rachael gets the rose. Who even knows what else happens because now everyone is super mad at Sarah. Matt is very into her, and has no problem giving her more time. 

Date #2-Serena P-Let Love Lead the Way
Serena and Matt ride horses out to the middle of nowhere. They see animals, have a picnic, get surprised by donkeys, have dinner, and then hit the hot tub. They are cute together, but she is 22. That seems a little unlikely. Why do they even cast girls that young? Matt really might be getting himself into a mess. He seems like he is falling for every girl he talks to. 

While Matt is falling for Serena and the girls are waiting for the date card, Sarah comes down and a complete storm blows up. Sarah tries to talk. She definitely has not acted the best, but the rest of the girls were pretty terrible too. They all ganged up on her. They wouldn’t let her talk at all and just attacked her. She ran away, decided to leave, and then Katie came and talked to her. That was the most mature conversation we have seen so far. They bond over their dads, and Sarah says she really needs to go. She talks to Matt and leaves. I feel like there is a good chance she might come back. If not, see you in paradise Sarah. 

It felt like we barely got anything from that episode. We saw 2 dates and a whole lot of Sarah drama. It looks like next week is going to continue to be more drama...

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