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Monday, November 8, 2021

Blogging the Bach 18.2 and 3

I watched episode 2 at the cutest dinner and bachelorette viewing party for Brenna. We had quite the crowd and we were all pretty chatty while watching. I am sure we missed a lot, but the big takeaways were 
-Jamie started out really strong and went straight downhill fast
-Michelle really likes Joe and Nayte-they seem like front runners so far
-Michelle is in charge and she is putting up with no crap from these guys. She is confident and I like it. 
-Michelle looks like a million especially in that pink dress

Episode 3
-Is Peter serious? I am hide my face embarrassed for him and the way he is acting. Is he trying to be the villain? Does he actually think he is making good choices? I have so many questions about this dude?
-Rodney is the sweetest thing. I kind of love him. I am getting some friend zone vibes but things do seem to turn around a little. Also what is with all the recent nudity? Are we completely out of ideas on this show?
-Did Brandon just solidify his spot in the final 4? Has anyone ever gotten 2 group date roses in a row? That was very surprising but I’m not made about it.
-Jamie-ew ew ew. Goodbye. So glad you are gone. I was so uncomfortable with everything he said and did which made me feel even more awkward after hearing his story last week.
-Nayte continues to be a front runner. The end. 
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