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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Blogging the Bach 26.6-7

Whenever I watch by myself at home, I don’t seem to get around to posting. It is much easier to focus and sit down and post when I watch with other people. I am happy to be back watching with friends. 

I was really hoping that once the Shanae drama was over that we would finally start to see more connections form. I have been waiting for Tedi to get a one on one. I don’t know if it was too late in the season or if Clayton just doesn’t know how to interact with the women or if he doesn’t know himself how he feels about everything. Whatever it is, the date was not what I thought it would be earlier on in the season. I definitely do not think. He picks Tedi. 

Once Shanae and her drama left, Mara had to take her place. The way she threw Sara completely under the bus was so weird. Sara fell apart and Clayton stepped away. He came back and gave her the rose. Clayton seems to have a really hard time thinking for himself. He listens to what other people say and runs with it. I am having a hard time believing he is going to end up with anyone. 

I got to Bonnie’s towards the end of Suzie’s date. They definitely have chemistry and I think they could be a good match. 

The group date starts out with a couples therapy session for each person on the date. It is weird-maybe one of the weirdest dates we have ever seen on this show. It is awkward especially for some of them. Most people accept the awkwardness and go with it. Genevieve doesn’t want to say anything. She is nervous and scared and doesn’t really say anything. They go talk and decide she should leave. 

Everyone has their turn. Sara is really confident going into her session. She tells everyone she loves therapy. After the sessions, the therapist thanks everyone for being vulnerable and then says someone was performative with their emotions. During the night after party, Rachel talks to Clayton about Sara. Clayton talks to Sara, and he calls her out on trying to fake cry. He tells her it is time to leave and walks her out. He comes back and tells the rest of the girls that he can’t give out the rose that night. 

His final one on one is with Serene. The day part is so short. I don’t even really know what happened and then it was the dinner. She says she is falling in love with him and I don’t know if I really believe her. I really like her, but I don’t really see it with Clayton for her. What do I know?!?

The rose ceremony was kind of awkward since only one person wouldn’t get a rose. It was pretty obvious it was going to be Teddie. I am sad for her and also excited to see her on the beach. 

Next week is hometowns. How are we already at hometown week???

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