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About Me

I started blogging about 5 years ago mostly because everyone else was doing it haha and to keep in touch with out of town friends and family. Over the years, most of the people I know have kind of stopped blogging. I found I really loved it so I started connecting with more and more blog friends. Now I blog because I love it and I really love the connections I have made.

Here's a little more about me...
I LOVE shopping, but I also really love good deals. I rarely pay full price for anything.
Cardigans and scarves are my signature items.
I like to read, but I basically never do it.
Even though I love it, I really love talking to people so that almost always wins over going to my room to read.
Love basically all kinds of music.
My crack addiction is Diet Coke. I for sure drink too much of it.
Glitter is the best! Everything is better with a little bling.

and some other stuff...

I grew up in North Carolina and moved to Utah for college. I never planned to stay, but I am still here. I love it except for winter. I hate everything about snow. I am a child development specialist and absolutely love everything about my job. I keep myself busy busy busy. Some of my favorite things to do when I have time are running, sewing, craft projects of any kind, cakes, and spending time with friends and family. I love social networking of all kinds. My nails are always painted, and I never leave the house without makeup. I love colorful things and usually put random colors together to make an outfit. I always always wear earrings (mostly studs lately), and I love jewelry.

Holy information overload...stick around and learn a little more about me, and please tell me more about you.


  1. yay for having nails always painted! haha it was great meeting you tonight!

  2. glitter really IS the best, isn't it? haha

  3. I think we have a lot in common ;)
    xo- Kaara

  4. how cool! Where in NC are you from? Most of my family lives in High Point!

  5. We should go shopping together sometime ya? :) And... I have a Coke Addiction. Whoops.

  6. This is so cute! I'm excited to follow your blog. You are darling!

  7. It makes me so happy that you are from NC!

  8. You are so pretty! Check out my new blog at

  9. Hi! I have been playing with the idea of starting my own blog. Your blog is fun and refreshing! Excited to start following you.! Email me for now at . Keep you posted when my official blog is up and ready!


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