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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Photo Shoot

Michelle and Andrew invited us over for Easter dinner. Nettie and I mostly missed dinner since we have late church but arrived in time for leftovers. After the meal we decided to take a walk outside since the weather was so nice. Our walk kind of turned into an impromptu photo shoot. Nettie tried taking walking/action pictures, but that just resulted in lots of laughing. We got back to the house to try to take some posed pictures. Andrew could not stop laughing. We might not have gotten the best pictures, but it was entertaining to say the least.

being silly. trying to take 10 pounds off with our poses(you can see it didn't work). nettie trying to get a walking shot(also didn't work so well)

now for real. andrew and michelle.

it took several atttempts to get a halfway decent picture. i tried putting more of the funny ones on here, but blogger is being annoying. maybe later?!?!


  1. Cute pictures! I love all the spring outfits.

  2. You guys are SO funny! I miss seeing all of you... :) You all look adorable too!!!

  3. Fun pictures! Aubrey I really like your hair!

  4. So, I just looked through all of your blog posts! What can I say-- I am doing catch up! At the end, I found myself thinking, "Aubrey is one of the most fun people I know!" Seriously, you are...whether it's a photo shoot, basement flood, St. George trip, or tennis lessons, just seeing your pics makes me want to be there playing with you!!! Speaking of playing-- when are you headed out to Baltimore? :)


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