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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blazin' Barts

Wasatch Back 2010 has come and gone. Even though it's weird eating, weird/minimal sleeping, and crazy running I LOVE it! I'm actually a little sad it's over for the year.

Robyn called clear back in the fall to see if I wanted to run on a team with Joe's family. I had no intention of putting a team together this year but still wanted to run so I said yes immediately. Even though it was Brian, me, and the in laws it was so much fun. I really did love it.

most of the team (minus Brian) at the start line

van 2 spent the morning relaxing and eating at Brian's house

before it was our turn to run. right before my 1st leg. van 1 was happy to be done

thanks Marci for decorating our van

my last exchange after a 6 mile gradual climb. this night exchange was amazing.

we did a lot of sitting and waiting when it wasn't our turn and saw some beautiful scenery.

the whole team at the finish

This was my 3rd year being runner 8. It just gets better every year. I know what to expect, and it really helps me. I ran better, stronger, and faster this year and was actually pretty ok with my running. It seems crazy to think about doing it again, but I really hope someone has an extra spot on their team next year.


  1. You rock Aubrey! Looks like your having a great summer. I can tell because you're so tan!!!

  2. You are like amazing race material. I cannot believe all the neat stuff you do. Go Aubrey!

  3. So great! I am jealous. I have always wanted to run it but for some reason that weekend is ALWAYS out for me. Next year. :)

  4. LOVE RAGNAR! And I have YOU to thank for that... :)
    Glad you ahd fun...sad we could never meet up!

  5. I'm glad it's over so I can stop feeling left out :) Ha ha! I'm glad you were okay with my in-laws! They are pretty are you! Good job!


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