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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Someone once teased me about being a princess. I'm not sure I meet the criteria...

1. I run races...lots of races, and I'm running another Wasatch Back this weekend. Anyone who can spend basically 2 days in a van and run 3 times over the course of 24-30 hours with minimal sleep and food is clearly not a princess.

2. i own power tools. no comment about how much i have used them so far.

3. this is my hand after putting the chain back on my bike. a princess would never have hands that look like this. it might be possible that my fake nails cancel out putting my own bike chain back on but not the greasy hands.

4. i put together this shelf all by myself. so what if it only required a few nuts and bolts and a screwdriver. it went so well i even bought some IKEA furniture. don't ask me if it's put together yet.

so...maybe i sleep in big diamond earrings the night before a race and wear heels to the grocery store, but does that really make me a princess?!?! i think i gave up that title a few summers ago to become outdoor girl .


  1. From one "princess" to another...
    ROCK ON!

  2. That's so funny. I wish I could be there running with you this weekend...I would love to hear Brian making fun of you...hopefully your hands are still dirty so you can prove you're not a "princess." I want my own power tools...I've seen some cute pink ones.

  3. My sisters always believed (still do) that mom treated me like I was a king. So, technically, that does make you a princess.


  4. You just have the best of both worlds!!


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