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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Canyon Bonfire

We all know the best part of camping really isn't the sleeping in tents part. It's the campfire and campfire food. Instead of suffering through a sleepless night in tents, we decided to go to the canyon for the fire part and come home and sleep in our own beds. We were all supposed to bring our own dinners, but somehow that message got a little mixed up. Fortunately, Nettie and I were not the ones who missed the message.

our yummy tinfoil dinners. too bad i wasn't even hungry after eating so much junk waiting for them to cook.

nettie's classic take it yourself picture.

some new friends and roman


  1. HOW FUN! Looks like a blast.
    Good old Roman! :)

  2. Campfires really ARE the best part, and all of the good food that is cooked on them! Looks fun.

  3. Thank goodness I had you to make MINE for me :) I'll pass the BYOM message anytime if you'll make the meal.


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