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Monday, October 18, 2010

Jackson Hole x 2

This post is long overdue. I went to Jackson Hole a couple of times at the end of the summer.

Trip #1...Nicole's annual birthday rafting trip. Her awesome parents take care of all the details (campsite, food, river permits, etc.). We just have to show up, pay a little bit, and have a good time. It is basically a Turnberry reunion so it's lots of fun. We all head up Friday after work, camp, run the river twice and come home Saturday night. I skipped the morning river run to go running. It was a pretty good run except when my shoe got stuck in quicksand. The weather was a little chilly, but we all still had fun on the river. Thanks Nicole and parents for a great time.

Trip #2...Designated babysitter/helper during the Lotoja bike race. My co-worker, Noelle's husband, Ben, raced in Lotoja this year. I came to help with the kids so Noelle could do support for Ben. After the bike race we stayed in Jackson Hole for a couple nights and went to Yellowstone for a day. I hadn't been there since I was a kid. It was cool seeing Old Faithful and some of the other geysers. Besides having to clean up kid barf in the middle of the night it was a pretty fun trip too. Unfortunately I have no pictures.


  1. I miss the mountains. I think the only time I was there was during the winter with lots of snow.

  2. Next time you come I want you to help me change my background.


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