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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dirty Dash and Boating

Dirty Dash=6.2 miles of running in the dirt, mud, obstacle courses, mud pools, slip n slide and MUCHO FUN! I ran with my fried from work Noelle.
I don't really know how you could prepare for this event.
The first obstacle was with in 10 feet of the start.
A muddy hill with the sprinklers going.
Mud was flying everywhere and everyone was soaking wet.
The next obstacle was about a mile up, jumping hay barrels.
Then it was crawling through tubes 3 different times.
Next was the climbing walls...
not your typical climbing walls...pools of mud on both ends.
You literally started sinking as soon as you stepped in it. And the landing straight into mud.
We ran through tires army style...
A long the way there were pools of joke when i say pools.
You had to jump in and climb out!
Then we ran a long a marshy lake.
Everyone was just laughing so hard. We were all completely covered in mud.
After what seemed like running forever we hit the "Slop and slide".
It was a blow up slide that had 5 different slots so your team could all go at the same time.
We ran and jumped and slid down.
Then you land into a pool of mud. Trying to run through this was hilarious cause you just kept falling down.
We could then see the finish line...the final stretch!
It was just like a pig pen.
Climbing into mud basically crawling across and doing that again 3 times.

pre-race (nice and clean)
post race (really muddy)
i tried to see several friends, but it just didn't work out. i did run into suzie in the parking lot.

After the race Marianne invited me to go boating at Jordanelle with a whole new crowd of people. It seemed like it would be perfect since I was so close. It was sort of rough trying to meet up, but it finally worked out. Marianne had to leave shortly after I got there, but everyone was so nice so I stayed. I was so excited to meet and spend the day with some new friends. Guess I don't know every single person in SLC.
brooke mastering wake surfing


  1. The words are too dark to read but the pictures are cool. That looks like a fun race. I'm still bummed we missed the marathon but one of these days we will see you run!

  2. Oh, I wanted to run that race! I am hoping to do the 5k in the spring. It looks and sounds like so much fun!

  3. you fixed the colors!! next year i'm in.

  4. I'm down with trying the St. George marathon next year!


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