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Thursday, November 18, 2010

26.2...NYC version

It seems like Generation Gap has been planning the NYC trip/marathon for almost a year. We all signed up this past March, and thanks to Sharon and her connections we all got in. Training for this marathon was weird because it was only 5 weeks after the St. George marathon. The longest run in between was 15 miles so I felt sort of unprepared even though I was prepared. I started freaking out a few days before.

I went to the race expo pretty much right when I got in town. As soon as I walked in the door of the expo. There were people everywhere, and it was huge. It made me nervous but also really excited too.

Race day started pretty early considering the late start time of the race. We left the apartments at 6:30 to take the subway to the Staten Island Ferry as our assigned time of 7:30. Even though that was 3 hours before our start time we didn't stand around nearly as much as I thought we would. It was so great having the whole group there. By the time the race started, the group had separated a little, but there were still several of us starting together. It made it that much more exciting.

The race was AMAZING! It started on Staten Island, ran through all the burroughs, and ended in Central Park. There were over 40,000 runners and so many spectators. The energy from the crowd was great. There was so much entertainment and so much to look at during the race. I didn't get bored at all the whole time. I pretty much ran the whole race by myself with some flip flopping with Sharon. I loved this marathon. It was such an amazing experience, and I feel so lucky I had the opportunity to do it.

cute sign Laurann made for me

race expo

part of Generation Gap in the apartment and subway station

Judy and Chad in the subway. we met up with Teresa and Brynn

om the Staten Island ferry

on Staten Island pre-race

mile 16. Judy saw Shawnie and JoAnn who came to cheer

ladies I run with along the course

after the marathon

the next day at the finish line


  1. You're AMAZING Aubrey! I mean seriously...after I ran a marathon I swore I wouldn't ever do it again...and look at you 3 marathons in a year!!! And two 5 weeks apart. What a rockstar!!!

  2. Congratulations Aubrey! I have heard recently NYC is more fun than Boston. I am not sure that can be true. But, I am sure it must have been an amazing experience that you will never forget! Congrats!

  3. So proud of you! What a dream come true!

  4. One of these times you go to NY I want to come with you!!

  5. Holy Smokes Aubrey! I can't believe you did two marathons 5 weeks apart! I am seriously in awe of you.

  6. Oh, my phone is 801.921.3167. Let's get together for lunch or something!


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