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Sunday, January 16, 2011


part of my dream to be a stay at home crafter includes having a craft blog so i finally did it. i've been a little hesitant to broadcast it to computer space, but how do i expect people to read it if i never tell them about it?!?

it's nothing fancy, but maybe one day when i have more time...

until then...enjoy and happy crafting!

and p.s. for all those as obessesed with fabric flowers as i am, check out the newly posted sale items

and p.p.s. there's a GIVEAWAY

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  1. cute crafts, Aubrey. I wouldn't even know what to tell you to sell them for since I know nothing of crafts...

    I wanted to tell you that I signed up for a 5k and I've been running. It doesn't sound like a lot, but I ran 2.25 miles today w/o stopping and without wanting to die. Although this has all been inside and not outside...which might present a problem in the cold, but so far, I'm making progress!


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