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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Until I can figure out how to actually write captions on these pictures on my phone here's the recap of the photos... 1. superstition mountain hike 2. with Anne at the top of the hike 3. mountain biking turned into hike with a bike 4. tennis 5. THIS is what I came back to. not happy!

After a couple years of talking about it, I FINALLY made it to Arizona. It was an AMAZING weekend filled with fun in the sun...just the way I like it. What could be better than hiking, biking, and tennis in January?!? I want to move there immediately but since I have such a great job here I'll probably have to settle for more winter getaways.

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  1. my goodness - the weather looks incredible there!

  2. I am so glad you came to visit, it was great to see you! And you came at the perfect time, that warm weather left as soon as you did.

  3. That looks like HEAVEN! I would do anything to get out of this freakin cold right now!
    Glad you had fun... :)


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