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Friday, April 15, 2011

Bye Bye Birdies

Tragic story...violent winds must have knocked the baby birdie eggs out of their nest...all of them. Is it weird that I'm really sad about it?
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  1. That is terrible. I kind of want to cry. Poor little momma bird! :'(

  2. Oh...that makes me sad. My parents had a nest with eggs in the wreath on their front door. My mom told my dad to not let the cat out in the front, but he wasn't listening to her and he did. So the cat got 'em. My mom was so sad (and mad at my dad) and I was, too, when she told me.

  3. I'm so sad!!! That is horrible.. OH!! I feel super sad! I want them to come back ... Can we start over?

  4. Same thing happened to ours. A big storm came and away they went. I was so sad. I really wanted Emma to see the babies in the nest. Right now I am not mentioning it, because she will not understand. She has such a testimony in the resurection that she does not understand why people dont come back instantly.


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