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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wasatch Back 2011...Team Leap Frog

Robyn (with some persuasion and promise to help) signed up a team for Wasatch Back almost a year ago. The team changed several times over the past year, but in the end we ended up with a great team. There was definitely major stress leading up to the race (we need a replacement runner...multiple times, van 1 needs a van, van 2 needs a van...kind of at the last minute, dance recitals to get home to, start time, will Joe be able to run...3 days before, shirts), but somehow everything even the small little details worked out perfectly.

Van 1 met early Friday morning and went to Logan to start the race. Van 2 (minus Robyn and Joe who were at a funeral and came later) met in the early afternoon to meet van 1 in Eden.

van 1 (Brandon, Laurie, Emily, Shannon, Bree, Jessica) at start line in Logan
most of team (Jessica, Laurie, Shannon, Emily, me, Robyn, Joe, Lindy, Marci, Bree) at exchange 6 waiting for Brandon to come in
Marci and Bree in their unplanned matchy matchy cute!
dinner at snow basin after van exchange. our reflective vests really are reflective.
exchanging with Carrie for my first run
exchanging with Lindy after first run
the only running picture of just me. too bad it's of my backside.
Joe got the beautiful sunrise leg.
Marci rocked her legs. She did well last year, but she is by far the most improved runner this year. She has worked so hard, and it shows. She did amazing on all of her legs. has a team every year. they do all kinds of crazy things like run with a snowboard, skis, etc. this guy "ran" his nearly 7 mile leg on skis.

this race has some beautiful scenery especially this year. everything was so green from all the rain.
most of the team at the finish line waiting for Marci to come in
the team minus Laurie. 32 hours and 27 minutes later we all ran across the finish line together. Marci even wore the green wig for her last leg.

Wasatch Back was a little different for me this year. Ever since the Ogden marathon, my hip has been hurting. Physical therapy is helping, but running is not. I had so much fun. My team was great. Everyone was so supportive even though I wasn't running well at all. I ran slower on purpose because I didn't want to hurt my self even more. I often want to give up when things get hard, but this definitely showed me that I can do hard things. I loved the race this year. I loved my team and new friends, and I loved the things I learned about myself. People think paying lots of money to stay up all night, eat whatever you can find, and run a lot sounds crazy, but I love every second of it.


  1. So proud of you Aubs- you're such a strong woman, way to power through!

  2. So glad you had fun at Wasatch Back. So sorry about your hip. I hope it get's better and that running picture of you looks HOT! :)

  3. I'm a fan of this post. :) This morning I was thinking, "What?! Ragnar was just a week ago? It feels like years ago." Oh how the time flies. You are inspiring, bad hip and all. Us kids in Van 1 considered all the runners in Van 2 "Power Runners" and you knock our socks off. :) So good job! Glad I joined the time and got to leap frog our way across the wasatch mountains. :)


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