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Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Break=Vegas

My plans for summer break this year were up in the air until pretty much the last second. I knew I wanted to go to Vegas, but I wasn't sure when due to other up in the air plans. I didn't get things figured out until 2 days before I left which means I ended up driving. Co-worker Kimber and daughter Kenzie drove down with me, and co-worker Michelle came home with me so the drive was really not so bad.
I love my Vegas trips. We usually don't have too many plans which is just the way I like it. We went swimming (at a regular pool and the kids little pool), did some crafts, shopped just a little, baked a little, went to Karlee's favorite Old McDonalds, and played with the kids.

too bad the only picture i took with the kids was in the pool

this was seriously death by chocolate...brownie mix with hot fudge and ice cream layered with mint oreos...delish

we made 4th of July wreaths and yarn letters

We didn't take too many pictures this time, but It was so much fun and so sad to leave. Luckily I will see them again next month at cousin Eric's wedding.


  1. Yours looks way cute:) Glad you could come visit!

  2. I almost posted on Chelsea's blog but but then figured for sure the wreaths were your idea. They're really cute. A lot of 4th of July stuff is tacky. Maybe you can make me one:)


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