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Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye Robyn and Joe

For some reason I keep putting off this post. Maybe I think if I don't post it then it won't be real. It is real. Robyn and Joe and fam moved to Tennessee. Kimberly and I hosted a going away party at the park before they left. Lots of friends and family came. It was the perfect night. I was cry yourself to sleep sad to see them go but so excited for the new adventures for their family. I love you Robyn and Joe and can't wait to visit Tennessee.
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  1. Let me know when you are headed out this way to see them! Jeff and I have a couple of families out there that we have promised to visit. I would love to see you while we see them too!

  2. "I was cry yourself to sleep sad"... that is precious. :)


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