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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Mermaid...St. George

When I found out The Little Mermaid was at Tuacahn this summer, I immediately called Chelsea to tell her we HAD to take Karlee. She watched the movie for the first time last Christmas and has loved it ever since. The show did not disappoint and neither did Karlee. She LOVED it! The show was absolutely amazing, and it was so much fun being there with Karlee.

we showed up in St. George all matchy matchy

Karlee was so happy to see Ariel and jumped right in her arms

The main reason we went to St. George was for cousin Eric and Megan's wedding. We had a low key family bbq in the afternoon and wedding and reception that night. An August wedding in St. George was nearly the death of me, but it was great spending time with the family.

trying to get a good picture with these kids is next to impossible


  1. Hahaha.... I love your matchy matchy outfits. I have that shirt the other girl is wearing. love it. :) Looks like you had a great time in St. George, and yes-- that deathly hot weather just kills me.

    p.s. I am mailing your money FOR REAL this week! ;)

  2. We are going to Little Mermaid this weekend and I am super excited. I am glad that you liked it so much!

  3. What a darling post, I love it! And happy to hear that The Little Mermaid down there was great, because I'm actually going with a few friends the night before they start showing Thriller. . .haha, except we are not taking kiddos. . . 4 full-grown ladies :)

  4. So glad we went! Karlee still talks about it and wants to go back:)

  5. I took my girls to that one, too! They loved it. What a fun thing to do with your family. Hope things continue to go well for you!


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