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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Photos

April flew by faster than anything I can possibly imagine. I intended to post the first half of the month on the 16th and the rest today. Well...that clearly didn't happen. So here it is. #photoadayapril in all sorts of crazy orders.

someone who makes me this little tyke

where i went today. jordan river temple
how i feel today...wet
black and white
something i found...great music on my running mix
where i ate sister's table
bottle...first ride of the season
last thing i bought
something i don't like...staff fridge at work
1pm...fighting these bangs
my reflection
sunset...not much sun to set
looking down...getting ready to cake my head off
circle...treats for first bbq of season
something i'm grateful job
stairs..building with the little tykes
something that makes me sad...low mileage
younger me
cold...basically the exact opposite
tiny...tiny treat in a big bowl
inside my wallet...hobo
shadow...look at that little bum shadow
something i drew
lunch...Friday lunch...why the pepsi products???

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