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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

have you ever...


...wanted to reinvent yourself? I have been in more or less the same setting for years now. Even though I have moved a few times and made new friends, I am in basically the same scene as I have been since college. I have no plans to leave anytime soon so I have never really thought about it too much. I went to dinner with a couple friends (one of which is up and moving across the country in a month) the other night. While I was stocking up on mascara at Nordstrom, Tina was looking around and ended up looking at headbands (something she usually never wears). We started talking about trying new things, and I reminded her she is moving to a new town and can be whoever she wants. Our motto for the night became new town, new you. How exciting! I'm pretty predictable. People know what to expect from me. The thought of moving to a new town and being whoever you want to be sounds exciting and fun. Don't worry people. I'm not going anywhere. Also, don't worry about this headband. It was absurd and totally a joke although Tina did buy some really cute headbands for project new town, new you.

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