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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pioneer day

from 17 miracles facebook page

i don't post about churchy things very often. i have no idea why because i'm a pretty churchy person. i saw this picture on facebook today and really got me thinking about churchy things. today is july 24/pioneer day. to most people in utah (religious of not) it means a day off. to utah and other mormons it's so much more. i have the day off, but had to login to an online class for a couple of hours. due to re-organization in leadership at church on sunday we didn't even talk about the pioneers. this year i really haven't thought much about it at all. this picture really struck me. today isn't just a day off work, a fireworks show, or a rodeo. today is the day we celebrate people who came before and did something there is no way on earth i could ever survive. people left their homes, families, and entire lives in the name of following God. just when i start to think i may not survive a crazy busy week, i am brought back to reality. i have food to eat, a place to sleep, clothes to wear, a job to support myself, and so much more. i live in a place where i have freedom to worship however i choose. i am blessed, not only for what i have but for the legacy of faithful people that paved the way for me to have all that i have.

read more about the pioneers here and what exactly we're celebrating today

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