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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

hair help

remember rachel from ben's season of the bach??? i was obsessed with her bangs. they were so cute i decided i needed them. i'm blaming her and co-worker mikael for the disaster that is the current bang grow out.

rachel and co-worker mikael have amazing bangs. i got lots of compliments on mine, but summer is the worst time for bangs. i am outside way too much to deal with bangs so i'm growing them out. i got that part mostly under control. the part i need help with is the color. it's super hard to see in the picture, but i went with a pretty subtle melt last time. i was a little nervous but ended up liking it a lot. since then i have been in the sun...a lot. my color right now is so blah. so.. i need some help. i have a hair appointment on monday. the bangs are for sure in full grow out mode. i don't want to cut the length. i'm way too lazy for short hair. so...color it is. what should i do?


  1. your hair is a lot better than mine. I hate the grow out stage from short hair to long. You should go light for the rest of the summer. I like it with your tan.

  2. I still vote short hair. :) It's so easy!

    1. if i could have short hair half as cute as yours i would do it. something tells me it wouldn't look so cute with my chubby cheeks.


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