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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

august part 1

i spent the first few days of august down in vegas with baby kyler and family. naturally the first few days revolved around him. 

1: all ready to go OUTSIDE for the first time

2: three kids. ONE look

3: thank you sonic for taking back the canadian COIN you gave me as change last week

4: somewhere i sat. spent a lot of hours on this couch holding the new babe and watching the olympics


6: most of my WRITING was confidential, but there is some WRITING on the wall (sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple)

7: 8 o'clock. beginning and ending of work day

8: GLASSES/cup.. same diff

9: need at least one whole day to clean this MESS of a closet

10: RINGS. the bigger the better

11: this parade of homes bedroom was definitely PURPLE

12: SPOON. making birthday treats



15: READY for pool day

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