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Thursday, August 2, 2012

july part 2

july is already over. how is that even possible? here's part 2 of #photoadayjuly. who wants to join in the august fun?

if anyone has any clue why i can't get a few of the pictures to center, please tell me. it is driving me completely crazy.

16: sign. definitely time for a dye job

17: my addiction

18: plate. 9:00 and still haven't used one yet.

19: animal. cat toys are the best kind of toys

20: eye. a heckuva lotta makeup later

21: 9:00. just back from a morning run

22: upside down or right side up gluten free is sometimes a bit of a disast

23: mirror. little is cuter. always

24: celebrating pioneer day by logging into a class with some STRANGERs

25: heart seriously someone please tell me why this won't center

26: sunshine

27: on the road. with all the construction

28: cup. is there really any other kind?

29: last thing i bought

30: calm. 2 days old and he already found his thumb. just about killed me

31: toothbrush. apparently these clean better also, i would like
 to know why this dumb thing won't center

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