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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fave Post(s) of the Month

bloggy friend Megan over at wraps up the end of the month with her favorite post. i haven't ever done it before because it's hard enough for me to remember what i read this morning much less the whole month. i've read a few posts that have really stuck with me. i love a good funny, picture filled post, but these are the reflective, make you think, hit you in the stomach or maybe heart kind of posts. you should really check them out. might just change your life.

i couldn't pick just one post so i am highlighting a few

i found thislittlemiggy through a co-worker who discovered her special needs spotlights. i love love love her blog. the special needs spotlights are amazing and personally and professionally so helpful. she is an amazing writer, and it turns out we have a mutual friend. this post, i'm prejudiced. and so are you, is no exception. i love kids with special needs with all of my heart, but she is absolutely right. go read it. it will make you think.

i grew up with caroline. we spent a lot of time in the pool together. she and her husband are amazing in so many ways. this post, why i always cry on sundays, seems like such a good idea. the next person to get married might just get this list as part of their wedding gift. if you are married or getting married, you should definitely read this post and even if you're not, go check it out.

somewhere along the way i started reading a lot of random blogs. i've found quite a few good ones that way.  single dad laughing is a legit professional blogger. he writes about all sorts of things. this series of posts, ways i blew my marriage, goes right along with caroline's post. what's with all the marriage talk around here? it's probably because mostly i know a lot of marrieds. so read this, and do what he says.

so many good things to think about. i like the idea of doing a favorite post of the month. i'm going to try (we'll see if it really happens) to do it on a regular basis.

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