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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

kyler's baby blessing

baby kyler was blessed back at the beginning of the month. go here to read more about baby blessings. for a minute it looked like it might now work out for me to go, but luckily i stayed a little longer and got a decent ticket. i am so glad i've been able to be there for all the kids. jeff did a great job with the blessing. after church we came home and had a delicious brunch (unfortunately none of the food got documented, but i did pin basically all the food-breakfast casserole, cinammon roll cake, zucchini bread on my delish  board on pinterest). now for the pics...

karlee loves her little brother

so precious in his blessing outfit

karson was not in the picture taking mood, but he actually looked and smiled for one

the little family

me with baby kyler

the whole family-jeff's parents and brother and family came

the little family again. karson still not in picture mood.

 with the kids after church

mom and dad with the babe

dad with kyler

please bless i have chelsea's same lose weight after baby genes

the cute little tyke

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