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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

blogging the paradise..the final week

i have a confession...
i read the spoilers (insert monkey covering eyes and/or mouth emoji).
actually i accidentally saw the spoilers the very first week. someone posted them in a private facebook group. maybe that explains my lack of interest this season. either way, i know what happens on the last episode so this is my last post on paradise. although i am not sold on the idea of nick as bachelor, i'm hoping the girls bring enough to the table to get me excited about this show again.

opening thoughts..
who are half of these people?
all of the guys are pretty wifed up so i'm not sure who tiera thinks she's going to get to go on a date with her.

nick and jen go on a date. we already know he is the bachelor so we also know that means this goes no where. they seem cute together so i'm kind of sad they don't work.

izzy is a mess realizing she should have stayed with vinny. she hopes things can still work with him. ummm...i'm not sure how well that will go. good luck with that izzy. the poor girl is getting dumped by 2 guys in the same hour. things aren't good.

3 ladies are going home. it kind of seems like they should all go home. none of these people have even spoken to each other. jamie and ashley want wells. wells wants sushana. the chicken enthusiast should probably just save herself and leave now.

how did evan and carly go from that was the worst kiss ever to i'm so giddy thinking about you?

chris harrison says the dream is walking out of there as an engaged couple. i don't know anyone whose dream is actually to get engaged after 18 days. that seems more like a nightmare to me.

grant and lace get matching tattoos of the combo of their name. what??? lace freaks out about the pain. doesn't she already have other tattoos?

there is really nothing that can be said about carly and evan's date. what kind of self-respecting man wears tighty whities?

all the couples have some semi-serious conversations before ending up in the fantasy suite. it appears as though several couples get engaged. do we know if any of them are still engaged?

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  1. I just want to know what Evan's thoughts were when he watched the show later on and saw how disgusted Carly was to kiss him...


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