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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

beauty time tuesday: sunday night beauty routines

how often do you wash your makeup brushes? if we're being honest, i never used to wash mine. i didn't like doing it so i avoided it as much as possible, until i got the sigma brush cleaning mat. i now LOVE cleaning my brushes. i clean them almost every sunday night. the mat is so easy to use and makes it less of a task to clean them. 
the older i get the more i feel the need to take better care of my skin.. i do a pretty good job on a daily basis of taking care of my skin. i like to do a little more about once a week-usually on sunday night.

i use everything oil from crude to shave my face with tinkle razors. yes, i shave my face, and you should too.
after i shave my face, i use the PMD. it would cost a ton of money to get microdermabrasions as often as would like. this tool is perfect. it is quick and easy and leaves my skin feeling so good.

finally i use the green detox mask from crude.

all of these things really help keep my skin looking so good, and sunday evening seems to be the best time. 

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