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Monday, October 3, 2016

one little word:october goals

september was a really good month for me. i was really focused on my goals, and looking back at the month i feel very accomplished. my goals have definitely evolved throughout the year, but as we start the last part of 2016 i feel really good about the year.

yearly goals to be still
1. morning and night quiet time-my morning quiet time has improved recently. rather than just starting the day in silence, i use that silent time to set the tone for the day. i am getting better about a few quiet moments at night although it is something to continue to improve.
2. attend the temple monthly-i enjoyed some time outside the salt lake temple
3. color once a week-not a goal anymore
4. prayer book-keep list of people i need to remember to pray for-i have added to this list periodically as appropriate. i like to write down the names to help me focus on them even more.

September goals
1. 5 minutes of quiet stretching each night-i haven't done it every night, but i have done it many nights.
2. spend morning quiet time thinking positive thoughts about the day ahead-yes!
3. daily journaling (gratitude, morning pages, quotes, etc)-i do this with night time stretching. if the stretching happens, the journaling happens. 

October goals
1. continue 5 minutes of nightly stretching/journaling
2. finish reading you are a badass
3. listen to/read 5 general conference talks each week-due to travel I missed all of general conference and need to catch up

did you pick one little word for the year? how are your goals for the year? is anyone else already thinking about their word for next year? link up your posts below.
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  1. I missed a lot of General Conference talks too! I'm going to have to catch up!


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