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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

blogging the bach 21.1

we've had a nice long bachelor break, and now wer're back for nick as the bachelor. i'll be honest. i am not totally thrilled for this season, but i'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

my regular monday night crew is sick tonight so the format will be a little different this week.

per usual, we start with an intro to nick followed by advice by his bachelor bros.

nick gets dating advice from a 12 year old. she actually has some smart things to say. hopefully he listens to her.

nick is afraid he might be rejected at the end. i wonder what gives him that idea. he's in control this time so things should go much better for him. and if not, he should probably get as far away from bachelor land as possible.

video intros
attorney from dallas-is another attorney really in his best interest?
danielle l-boutique owner
special needs teacher-i like her already but mostly for her career choice
josephine-crazy cat lady???
raven-busines owner actually means business owner not just sells lipsense
corrine-runs a multi-million dollar company but still has a nanny
describes herself as "really weird"
danielle m from nashville-a little more appropriate age for nick
taylor-already psycho analyzing nick
liz-jade's maid of honor. didn't give nick her number at the end of the night. instead of trying to contact him that way she decides to pursue him on national tv. seems logical.

meet the ladies
danielle l-boutique owner, black dress
elizabeth-most nervous
rachel-something about fantasy tapes
cristen-meeting a celebrity
taylor-all her friends hate him
angela-really happy it's nick
lauren-"disgusting slut"
michelle-food truck owner
dominique-restaurant server-isn't that a waitress?
ida marie-trust fall
olivia-in her fur coat
sarah-another runner up
jasmine g-brings neil lane
hailey-very bad underwear joke
liz-he likes her. he knows he knows her from somewhere but can't figure out where.
corrine-did she bring her nanny with her?
vanessa-more foreign language
danielle m-maple syrup
raven-call the hogs
briana-token utah girl
susannah-beard massage
jospehine-you're a weiner in my book, red dress
brittany-another red dress
jasmine b-and another red dress
whitney-red dress number 17
lacey-camel because "good hump" and also a red dress
alexis-aspiring dolphin trainer-what in the world?

corinne may have a nanny, but she is no baby.
the claws are definitely coming out and girls are already crying. i'm planning on a dramatic season.
nick definitely remembers liz and seems a little bugged she waited until the show to contact him,
rachel gets the first impression rose

who's left
danielle l
elizabeth w
jasmine g
danielle m

what are your first impressions?

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