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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

blogging the bach 21.3

we all got together last week for monday night tradish, but we didn't really watch. the tv was on, but i honestly did not watch one single second. i had good intentions to try and catch up a little, but it never happened.

who's watching-celsey, amanda, alicia, megan

this week starts with nick informing the girls of his past with liz who is now gone. the girls seem fine and they move on with the cocktail party. we see more black boxes in the first 5 minutes than we saw all summer on paradise.

who gets a rose-corrine(but she's missing), astrid, taylor, christina, danielle, rachel, vanessa, raven, jaimi, dominique, sarah, alexis, brittany, justine, josephine

group date with the backstreet boys. we're all freaking out wishing we were on this date. danielle gets a little one on one time on stage in front of the whole audience with all the girls watching from the side. she has more time at night and gets the group date rose. she's in my top 4 at least for now.

vanessa gets the one on one. they do zero gravity, have a lot of fun, and then vanessa gets sick. it's sad that she gets sick, but this is the most real thing we've seen so far. i like this side of nick. vanessa gets the rose and nick gets emotional/

the track and field group date starts. everyone including astrid wonders why she didn't wear a better bra. it doesn't seem to matter and she gets the extra hot tub time. dominique freaks out and and nick sends her home.

nick cancels the cocktail party and has a pool party instead. the girls start getting upset about corrine and several tattle tail. vanessa calls out nick, and he is caught completely off guard. the show ends. do they not know we all hate a cliffhanger ending?!? 

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