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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

unblogged bloggables-csatt seattle meetup part 1

when i signed up for csatt fitness last january, i really thought i would keep to myself, do the workouts for a month or two, and be on my way. i had basically no intention of being socially involved with the group, and i definitely did not expect to find some of my best friends and soul sisters. i am so glad i was wrong. after a month or two i knew i wasn't going anywhere. i started connecting with people in the group, and all of a sudden i was more socially involved than ever. 

fast forward a few months. people started planning a weekend meetup in seattle, and i decided to go. after the meetup was planned, debra z won the challenge and the meetup turned into her winner's weekend making it even more fun.

mandi and i flew in early in the morning. we went to breakfast, and i dropped her off at debra's. i picked up michelle and jenn and we got in a quick workout. i luckily ended up in an accountability group with them my second month in csatt, and we've been good friends ever since. they were 2 of the biggest reasons i wanted to go to seattle. i was so happy to finally meet them.
jen hosted the group at her house the first night. she had a taco truck for dinner. everyone ate and mingled, and it was so much fun to meet so many people.

mandi, papa z, jen

jen and cody
with jen and michelle (my #APF girls)
with grace, michelle, jen, lisa
kate surprised everyone

we all met at the lake the next morning for stand up paddle board yoga. it was a little bit of a chilly, windy day. the instructor said she would normally cancel the class due to weather. she didn't want to cancel on us so we still had our class. i was scared out of my mind, but i knew i would regret not trying it. it ended up being so much more fun than i thought. it was hard but not impossible. i definitely want to do it again sometime.

we got some instructions with our boards on land before getting in the water. our boards were attached to a rope during the class making it a tiny bit easier than i expected.

after the SUP yoga, Cody did a short workout in the park.

we all went to brunch together after the workout and then had a few hours of free time before dinner that night.

 photo aubrey-sig_zps0ck6qpqn.png
part 2 coming tomorrow

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