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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Beauty Time Tuesday-New Products 

I’m really trying to use the products I have rather than buying a lot more things. However, I do love trying new products. 

Beaugenix mask-I ordered this from Groupon and still haven’t tried it. It’s a peel off mask and seems more fun to use with a friend rather than on my own. I brought it to Mandi’s house one night and also to Boise, but we were having too much fun to use it. Maybe I will try it over the holidays. 

Immuno Gum-I don’t usually post about vitamins and medicines, but this is good enough to post. I typically have a really good immune system, but I have been really sick the past month. I had a sinus infection and who even knows what else. I went to the pharmacy several times and brought every single thing I could see. This gum supposedly helps the immune system after chewing for 5 minutes. Who knows if it really works or not, but I am going to believe it does (winky face). 

Urban Decay nocturnal pallet-This pallet was a great Black Friday deal. It’s a great small pallet, and I really like it. 

Have you tried anything new lately?

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