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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Beauty Time Tuesday-new products 

My skin has been a bit on the fritz lately so I’ve been trying some new products to help things. 

All of the face masks I have and love are a little more drying so I tried this say yes argan oil mask and loved it. My skin felt so good after, and I will definitely use it again. 

Kristen Ess dry shampoo-I’ve used this before and really like it. The idea is to offer salon quality st drugstore prices. This is more of an in between for me-not salon cost but not drugstore either. 

Essence false lashes-I tried this on a recommendation. It is $4.99 and makes my lashes long and beautiful, but it does seem to smudge off under my eyes a bit. 

Garnier mask-Sheet masks generally aren’t my fave, but this made my skin so smooth. I liked it more than expected. 

Scuni coil hair ties-LOVE

BLISS oxygen mask-This mask feels so weird as it’s working but again leaves my face feeling silky smooth. 

Langeige lip mask-LOVE

Blueberry yogurt creme mask-LOVE

OPI red polish-I saw this and though I wanted red nails. It turns out I really love pink nails this time of year. 

Cinema Secrets brush cleaner-I’ve been using and loving this for quite a while. I finally got smart and realized I can buy it on amazon for much cheaper overal than Sephora. 

NYX foundation-I ended up returning this after I took the picture but before trying it. 

Tarte maneater pallet-LOVE. The colors are gorgeous and have such great pigment. 

Shape tape is all the rage. I like it, but it is very thick. I’m not sure if I will buy it again or go back to urban decay concealer. 

Have you tried anything new lately?

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