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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

blogging the bach 14.1

Bachelorette night 1-Why do they start this thing on a holiday? Monday Night Tradish is on hold until next week so I'm watching at home.

Who's watching-Amanda, Adrienne, Mallory

Becca is back and ready for love. We start out seeing a replay of her bad breakup with Arie and then an intro to Becca and a few of the guys.

Rachel, JoJo, and Kaitlyn come to the mansion to give Becca some advice and sage the house. 

First impressions
Colton-confetti popper, former football player
Grant-big dimples
Clay-football player, cheesy lines about catching her
Jean Blanc-has over 100 colognes-WHY??? "he looks like he would be a comedian"--Amanda
Connor-down on one knee
Joe-grocery store owner, nervous
John-total nerd
Leo-top knot, let our hair down "i guarantee he stunt doubles for women"--Amanda
Jordan-the model, thinks he is going to have one up on everyone in his light suit and has plenty to say about what everyone else is wearing
Nick-race car suit, opening statements
Mike-cardboard Arie, man bun
Garrett-in a minivan, from Reno
Blake-rides up on an ox in a pink coat
Lincoln-birthday cake
Chase-the chase is what makes the end so much better
Christon-former harlem globetrotter
Wills-closet nerd
Kamil-60/40, social media participant
Jake-from Minneapolis, she doesn't know
Trent-hearse-literally died
David-chicken suit, be kah "make is stop"--Adrienne
Chris-hometown reference-brings gospel choir

Becca starts talking to all the guys.
John tells Becca he made the app for venmo
Christon plays basketball and dunks over Becca and everyone joins in.
Blake mades her feel very hopeful
David takes off his chicken head and Becca thinks he is really fun
Garrett teaches Becca to fish in the pool
The talk already starts about Chase not being there for the right reasons. It seems a little early in the night/season for that kind of talk.
Becca pulls Jake aside and is definitely not excited about him being there. She doesn't want to waste his time. He tries to tell her more about himself. She isn't open to it at all and sends him home.
Garrett gets the first impression rose and we are all surprised.

Who gets a rose-Garrett, Lincoln, Blake, Ricky, Jean Blanc, Christon, Clay, Wills, Connor, Jason, John, Ryan, Alex, Nick, Trent, Colton, David, Jordan, Leo, Mike, Chris R

Previews for the season include tears, lots of tears, yelling, drama, sirens, fights, and a lot of Jordan. I can't wait!

Word Tally
let's do the damn thing-5

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