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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Beauty Time Tuesday-October and November empties

Apparently I didn’t post this a month ago so I’m combining October and November empties.

I used a lot of skincare and makeup products in October. I have mixed reviews this time. 
Cetaphil face wash-This is one of my favorite face washes. It is very gentle and works great. 
Bath and body works body cream-love
Dove spray deodorant-love. I’ve talked about this many times before. I use this on my feet with heels, flats, other shoes with no socks. 
Clinique mascara-I like most Clinique mascaras. The double end mascara was pretty dry, but it seemed to be more because of the small container. 
Too faced better than sex mascara-not my favorite 
Too faced chocolate soleil bronzer-love. I replaced this before it was gone because I love it so much. 
Intuition razor-love
Mint pear vitamin C-I really wanted to love this. I have seen it do amazing things for other people, but I didn’t notice any changes with using it. 
Lancôme 24 hour foundation-love. I keep saying I want to try something new, but nothing is as good. 
I bought a few new skincare products this months so I’m excited to see how they work. 

I didn’t use up much in November. 
Bath and Body works lotions-Chelsea and I bought some Christmas lotions at the first of the year. It didn’t end up being my favorite scent, but I always like the lotion. 
IT cosmetics Miracle Water-I bought this after a skincare treatment at Sephora. It kind of just seemed like very expensive water. I’m not planning to buy it again. 
Mary Kay lash lengthening mascara-love love. I like this as a finishing mascara. 
Intuition razor-love 
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