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Monday, March 11, 2019

Blogging the Bach 23.11-The Finale

Who’s watching: Celsey, Amanda, Megan, and me and Alicia came part way through.

We start where we left off last week-with the infamous fence jump. Chris Harrison seems in the least control than we have ever seen in the history of the show. I also heard him say in some interviews last week that Colton was actually lost. They find him finally and the first thing they ask is if he is ok. Clearly he is not ok. He tried to run away from the show. They eventually get him to calm down a little and not run away into the night in Portugal. 

Chris Harrison goes to talk to him the next day. They chat a bit. Colton feels like he cannot go on with Cassie. Chris asks “what if at the end of this she just isn’t that into you?” That’s probs not exactly what he wants to hear. He wants to be with Cassie and that is all. 

Colton goes to visit Tayshia. It is awkward. He gets to the point pretty quickly. Neither one of them have much to say. They go into her place because she wants to get away from the cameras. They both cry a little and then say goodbyes and then they cry some more. Instead of waiting for the show to play out and then have the girls come to the after the final, they have Tayshia come out and talk to Chris. Something is weird. Colton comes out and things are still weird. Also, what has happened to Colton’s hair? It kind of looks like a ski jump (Megan). They talk a little and suddenly she feels better.

The next scene is Hannah writing in her journal. Unlike Tayshia who probably should have known what was coming, she has had no signs of this. He comes in and tells her right away he loves Cassie. She definitely is not expecting that. He then tells her he thought it was going to be her-probs not the best thing to say. She is so upset and can’t believe it. He says he doesn’t know if he is making the right decision a couple of times. They both cry and then he leaves and they cry some more. Hannah comes out on stage and says it has been so hard for her to watch the season. She talks about love and says she is not in love with him. Colton comes out. Hannah has a lot of questions most of which she probably really doesn’t want to hear the answers to. She calls him out for doing the same thing to her that Cassie did to him. It ends ok with a goodbye.

In what seems like a giant waste of time, Ben Higgins, Blake, Jason, and Garrett come out and shoot the breeze for 15 minutes. That basically took the place of his over night date with Hannah that didn’t happen.

We see Cassie packing up and saying she is ready to get home. I have thought this whole time that Cassie’s dad is what got to her. This time is really seems less like that. Colton goes to talk to her and then the show is over for the night. Even though the marathon 3 hour finale is rough, we all prefer that. This double night business is annoying. 

To be continued...

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