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Monday, March 9, 2020

Blogging the Bach 24.11

Who’s watching: Celsey, Amanda, Krista, and Alicia 

Chris Harrison starts us out teasing us of all that is to come. Of all the different season endings we have had over the years, I can’t wait to see how this thing actually ends. 

Hannah Ann has the first date. She seems like she is trying really hard to be in love with Peter and she is trying really hard to be emotional. Peter’s dad calls her a remarkable young lady. Young lady is the perfect description. Peter says there is nothing holding him back with her, but he has the dilemma between the girls. 

Madison walks up like she’s ready to go meet the family. They have a chat about all of the things. For a few minutes, it seems like she is going to leave and not meet the family. She tells him that she was planning to tell him that she loves him the night she ended up leaving the date. Peter has the biggest smile on his face. They meet his family. It is pretty awkward. 
Peter’s mom basically tells him pick Hannah Ann or else... Peter tells his mom to stop being so emotional. She has a meltdown and tells him to bring Hannah Ann home because she is perfect. She also calls him Bud several times and we don’t love it.

Peter has his final date with Madi. It starts out pretty well. They take a helicopter to a secluded place all to themselves. She tells him it is time for her to surrender so that he can find love. He tries to convince her to stay, but she decides it is time to leave. They have too many differences.

His final date with Hannah Ann feels forced. She is so in love with him, and he can’t reciprocate. He appreciates her, and that is about it. The night part seems pretty sure. Peter tells us he is in love with her, but he doesn’t ever tell her that.

The show ends with Chris Harrison telling us once again that no one knows how this is going to end.

Honestly some of the best lines of the night came from Rem.
-I don’t like what you’re making (when he came in for dinner without even knowing what I was cooking)
-I got it myself (after taking an apple off the cutting bored)
-you have strawberries? (to Alicia as he grabbed all of the grapes out of Alicia’s bowl)
There were so many other good quotes. It’s a good thing he is so dang cute, but he’s such a turd.

What do you think is going to happen?

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