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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Blogging the Bach 24.11 part 2-The Finale

Celsey and I are watching. If we’re lucky, Shawn will join us for a little commentary.

We pick up where we left off last night. All day long I have heard all kinds of speculation about what happens. I also read Reality Steve. By the time this is published, the show will be over. 

We see the live audience and Kelly is there. Is anyone else confused by this? She wasn’t invited to women tell all, but now she is there for After the Final Rose??? What is happening?

I thought there might have been a little more build up, but we jump pretty quickly to the proposal. Chris Harrison has the news we have been wondering about all season. He tells Peter than Hannah Ann might not be coming to the proposal. He almost passes out and one minute later Hannah Ann is on her way. Supposedly they both love each other. (I am still not convinced). Peter proposes. Hannah Ann is shocked but says yes. (I am still not convinced). He probably shouldn’t have proposed, and she probably shouldn’t have said yes.

Peter goes home to California to tell his family. I have so many things to say about his mom-most of which I don’t really know if I should say on the internet. Her face said everything and more. All she and the rest of the family want to know is if he chose Hannah Ann or not. If not, he should run right out the door. Since he did pick Hannah Ann, Barb freaks the freak out. He FaceTimes Hannah Ann, and it was kind of awkward. 

The next thing we see Hannah Ann comes to give Peter a major piece of her mind over and over. I was pretty impressed the first time she called him out, but the more and more she beat the dead horse the more I was ready for her to be done. She gives the ring back, is very mad at Peter, does not let him talk, and leaves. Again. He shouldn’t have proposed, and she shouldn’t have said yes. I never believed it could or would work out for them, and I am not surprised at all that it didn’t last. She is still furious with him at ATFR, and he feels terrible. It was pretty awkward especially as Barb cheered wildly for her.

Peter still has feelings for Madison. Chris Harrison goes to Auburn to update Madison without Peter knowing. She regrets her decision to leave and still loves Peter. She wants to give it another chance so she goes to LA. She surprises Peter. They talk, both admit they still love each other, and decide nothing. 

Chris Harrison shows Peter the video of his visit to Auburn, and Peter smiles for the first time all night. At this point we are reminded we still don’t know how the season will end. Barb rolls her eyes and has a look of hate on her face every time they show her. Madison comes out. They both admit they still love for each other. Peter says he wants to take it one day at a time. Madison doesn’t really say anything, but it seems like she is on the same page. We come back from commercial break, and they are sitting much closer together. 

I am so frustrated with Peter’s parents-especially Barb. I can definitely see why they are concerned, but when Peter asked them to trust him, and they still have  so much dislike for Madi, it just feels yucky. Even though they aren’t in full support of this, it is so embarrassing for Peter to be treated like that by his parents. I would be furious if my parents did that to me. Furthermore I have no idea why Barb had so much air time this season. I really hope something better happens for them now that the season is officially over.

Onto to Clare...

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