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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

At Home Spa Weekend

I think we can all agree that 2020 is anything but normal. Like many others I have fond myself at home way more than ever. I went from being home basically to shower and sleep to being home most of the time. It has taken some creativity to adjust to being at home so much, and I am finding there are some things I really like doing at home. This article gives me some new ideas of things to try. If you are looking for some good things to try, check out this article for things to enjoy some relation while we are all stuck at home.

A Spa “Weekend”: Right in Your Own Home

By: Robin Noble

After the longest semester of my life—one that was spent almost entirely in “Zoom” classrooms instead of on-campus—I’m finally all wrapped up with my courses, and I’m ready to wrap myself up in a cocoon of self-care. Two weeks ago, after a particularly grueling writing session for a few classes’ worths of final essays, I drew a hot bath, mixed in some “bath bombs” and Epsom salts (along with a splash of tea tree oil), cranked up the Enya Spotify station, read a dozen chapters of my favorite Jane Austen novel, rubbed a deep conditioner into my scalp for at least thirty minutes, and scrubbed my body with an exfoliant. I felt like I was in figurative heaven. After that well-needed soak, I indulged in a glass of wine, and decided that I’d need a “spa night” as many nights throughout the week as possible—and, why stop there? Why not develop daily practices that would revitalize me every day? I started experimenting with a morning and evening routine that—once I had it dialed in—made me feel as fresh as the morning dew: even before I’d had my morning coffee.

Clear Skin, Clear Mind

The first step in maximizing my self-care “spa” treatment time, I dedicated myself to waking up a half-hour earlier than usual to give myself more time to complete my skincare routine. If I'm going to be outside facing the harshness of the daytime sun—or wearing makeup—I have to take care of that skin barrier first. After a few weeks, now I just feel a little incomplete if I skip what I’ve come to learn is a vital step for my health. In the wee hours of the dawn, I rinse my face with cold water (for now, I’ll skip the cleanser, as I will typically cleanse the night before), apply an alcohol-free toner, and then let that dry for a few secs. Then I'll apply a vitamin C serum and let that dry for a couple of minutes, followed by moisturizer and sunscreen. No matter how rushed I might possibly be, I never leave the house without applying an appropriate sunscreen. I give all of that time to sink in as I finish other morning steps (eating breakfast, preparing work correspondences). I sometimes struggle with the tedium of using multiple products, so I’m considering investing in a sunscreen with moisturizing properties that will allow me to skip the moisturizing step. By the time I’m done, I feel fresh and ready for the day—even if I’ll still be working from home, the sunscreen protects my skin whenever I head out for brisk walks about the neighborhood or garden breaks. 

Yoga, You Will Do

In the evening, after enjoying a day of awakened skin, I also want to “awaken'' my entire body as a part of my new “spa” routine. Depending on the day, it takes me a while to get warmed up to full strength or flexibility, so I practice with a specific intention in mind. Since sleep “resets” me every night, I like to prime my body to be fully warmed up by the end of my evening movement flow, to maximize my nightly rejuvenation. I start with dynamic stretching, do some semi-ironic “sun salutations” for ten or so minutes while focusing on strengthening my core; afterward, I loosen myself with backbends and downward dogs to ensure that my back will tighten up less as I sleep. 

Mix (Drink) it Up

The final step of the evening? Getting myself into that tub, with snacks and a mixed drink to wash down as I wash away my COVID cares and torrid troubles. When I think about my favorite spots in my hometown of Salt Lake City that I frequented before the pandemic, nothing can beat some of the downtown hotspots that turned up the “beat” every night: like the open-air stages at Gracie’s, or the sexy underbelly at Lake Effect. However, since I’m trying to work through some of my tensions at home, I’ll just have to borrow some of the best meal and drink ideas that my favorite establishments have to offer. For me, nothing—and I mean nothing—tastes better than chocolate-covered strawberries paired with Rosé: except chocolate-covered strawberries paired with Frosé. I play myself some of the melodic, moody jazz themes that others might be listening to live at Lake Effect’s “The Rabbit Hole,” and I float away on a musical cloud, with a pink, slushied wine in my hands. Throughout the day—and well into the evening—I’ve created for myself an experience that others would pay top-dollar for: all in the quiet and safety of my own home. Bring on another month of lockdown—I’m ready for even more time to myself.

Let me know if you decide to try any of these ideas. I definitely want to implement more of a self care routine.

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