Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Wear it Wednesday..custom jewelry

I grew up in the south so everything is monogrammed and names are on everything. My name isn’t necessarily unique, but it is also not the most common name. I rarely find my name on anything so if I want anything with my name, I have to find something I can customize. My niece is the same way. She has wanted a necklace with her name on it for awhile, but she hasn’t been able to find one in the stores. I have worked with oNecklace a few times in the past. When they reached out to collaborate again, I instantly thought to surprise my niece with a necklace with her name. She got it right as school was getting started for her. Even though she is full distance learning for now, it is fun to have a new accessory for those zoom classes. 

I told her mom the package was coming, but Karlee was surprised when it came in the mail. She never finds anything with her name since she has the ee spelling at the end of her name. It was fun to surprise her with something fun. It was very easy to get the necklace with her name. I sent them the necklace i wanted with the spelling and they shipped it right to her. If you are interested in something custom, oNecklace is a very simple and affordable way to go. Thanks to oNecklace for helping me surprise her. She loved it! 

photo aubrey-sig_zps0ck6qpqn.png


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