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Monday, February 1, 2021

Blogging the Bach 25.5

Who’s watching: Celsey, Alicia, and me-our watch party has dwindled this past couple of seasons

I somehow completely missed Chelsea’s conversation with Matt about her journey with her hair. I really love that the bachelor is encouraging and showing more real conversations like this. I heard her on a podcast and wanted to go back and watch their conversation. 

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony 
Before the cocktail party starts Victoria continues to stir the dramatic pot about the OGs vs the newbies. She is just nasty. I can’t decide if she knows how mean she is or if it is just so much her character. 
The cocktail party starts and Matt addresses the mean girl situation in the house. We have been waiting for him to stand up and put a stop to this. Brittany talks to him first and tells Matt what is going on. He is not happy at all. Meanwhile Anna is working up an act of what she is going to say/do to make him feel better. He pulls Anna aside to talk and she acts like she is so embarrassed for what she said when she was very purposeful about it all last week. She says it was about of character and Matt wasn’t having it. He walked her out and went back to deal with Queen Victoria. She tries to make excuses and he isn’t having that either. He ends the cocktail party and gets right to the rose ceremony. Victoria does not get a rose, and she is shocked and feels sorry for Matt for the choices he is making and the girls he is left with. 

One on One-Rachael
Rachael gets the shopping date. She is pretty cute about. Out of all the catty, bratty mean girls this season, Rachael is not one of. She loved the shopping date, and was adorable about it all. She came back and was so happy. The girls were trying to be happy but were all sad. She gets a delivery of a beautiful dress to wear to dinner. They talk at dinner about not being in love and having insecurities and falling in love with each other. It was the first date where I feel like maybe Matt might actually pick one of these people. 

Group Date
Everyone is disappointed they are on the group date this week. Everyone wants a one on one, but there are still so many girls there. Obviously the majority of them aren’t going to get a one on one. The first part of the date is on the farm. We were busy getting snacks so we missed that part. During the evening Matt had a few good conversations and then MJ got cut off. She came back to the girls and asked who talked to Matt about her. Jessinia admitted she said something. MJ leads by example and claims to be a source of peace in the house. She claims the JV/Varsity thing is a joke. Does she remember how she acted a few days ago when all the new girls came in. She didn’t seem to be joking then. 

One on One with Kit
The date card comes and Kit gets choked up about the possibility of a cooking date with Matt. She goes to his place and they make chocolate chip cookies. She tells him she is falling in love with him and he gives her the rose. 

The girls are sitting around waiting around for the rose ceremony when a date card comes for MJ and Jessinia to meet before the cocktail party. They get ready and come out like they are ready to kill a person. They get in a ridiculous fight, Matt comes, and we are left hanging again. 

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