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Monday, February 8, 2021

Blogging the Bach 25.6

Who’s watching: Most of our crowd had other stuff going on tonight so after a fun meet and greet with Tried and True Moms with Alicia and Celsey, Celsey and I were the only ones watching tonight. 

We start out with the itty bitty but dramatic two on one that started last week. I really thought he might and probably should have sent them both home. Jessenia gets the rose, comes in with the rest of the girls, and they find out there is no cocktail party. The girls are no happy-specifically Serena C is mad at Katie. Girls are freaking out that they don’t get extra time, but Matt explains that he is confident in his decision and following his heart. 3 girls went home and we finally have a small enough number that we might actually be able to get to know these girls. 

Date #1-Pieper Tonight Will Be Worth the Wait
Before the date Serena C feels the need to talk it out with Katie. “I cannot reason with crazy”-Katie. Amen Katie. Amen. Serena C and Katie fight a little more and it seems like none of the other girls really understand what is going on. 
Meanwhile, Heather Martin pulls up in a minivan and can’t let Matt get engaged without meeting him. Chris tells her they are pretty far along and in quarantine and to go back to her hotel while they figure things out. 
Pieper and Matt go to a carnival. It’s a pretty cute date and they have a great time. Pieper tells Matt they don’t really talk about feelings in her family and she isn’t good about expressing love. She tells him she is falling in love with him. He tells her he will continue to be open with her (but didn’t say he is falling in love with her like he did with Rachael). It is yet another date that makes us all wonder how Matt is ever going to narrow this down to one girl. 

Date #2-group date
The date is at the bowling alley They get there and everyone is having a good time until Chris comes in and announces a competition. The blue team loses and they are pretty upset that they had to go home without any time. The pink team wins and starts talking to Matt when the blue teams finds out they actually get more time. At this point all of the girls are telling Matt that they are falling for him and getting frustrated that they aren’t getting more time. Serena P gets the rose. 

Date #3-Katie gets the one on one
Before the date, Matt sees Tyler C and they talk a little about how this is going. Katie shows up and they play a prank on Tyler. They have fun together and I am totally feeling friend zone. Matt says he wants to see if they can be romantic. We all doubt it. Our doubts come true when he picks up the rose but doesn’t give it to her. Why do they always pick it up when they aren’t actually going to give it? There was no chemistry, but I did love her on the show. She seemed shocked that he didn’t give her the rose, but the rest of us were not surprised at all. 

Heather is finally done with quarantine and hops in her minivan to drive over to Nemacolin. The girls come out for the cocktail party and everyone is generally really happy. Matt pulls Abigail aside and reassures her that he loves spending time with her. It does seem very genuine, but if he really means it he needs to start giving her a little more time. Fingers crossed she gets a one on one next week. Heather walks in and all the daggers come out. It looks like we are in for more drama next week, and once again I we are left with a to be continued...Will they please stop doing that!?!

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