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Monday, January 10, 2022

Blogging the Bach 26.2

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We are back for week 2 and more of Clayton. The girls are freaking out about moving into the mansion. Jesse Palmer comes in and makes sure to tell the girls that he is happily married. He gives them the date card and he’s out. 

The first group date is executing a child’s birthday party with Hillary Duff. Cassidy is very confident, but I am not as confident as she is. She doesn’t care what she has to do, and she does it. Clayton doesn’t seem that into it, but he also doesn’t say no either. The day date ends with another Cassidy make out sesh. Some other girls get some good attention during the night part, and it seems like maybe Cassidy isn’t going to get her way. Cassidy gets her way and we are worried about Clayton and his confidence and ability to be assertive. 

Susie gets the first one on one date. They do all the fancy bachelor things we haven’t seen in a while-helicopter..landing on a ship..with a hot tub. Clayton says he values someone who is humble and genuine. They have a good what you would expect for a first one on one date. It seems like Susie will be around for a while. 

The second group date is so good. A comedian who none of us know but probably all the rest of you know. They play never have I ever relationship edition and then play an obstacle course game that is hilarious. We loved it..except the milk chug. I almost got sick just watching it. Shanae proves that she is here for the competition and the drama. Sarah gets the group date rose. Clayton leaves and Elizabeth starts the drama all over again. 

The drama starts back up almost as soon as the cocktail party starts. Shanae and Elizabeth have another conversation. Shanae taunts Elizabeth about her ADHD and it is so awful. I can’t believe the stuff she says. You can’t say stuff like that. The drama doesn’t end there. Right before the end we find out Cassidy has a friends with benefits situation at home. TO BE CONTINUED…

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