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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Home Gym featuring Under the Desk Elliptical

Ever since the pandemic, I have been building my home gym. It is so convenient to be able to hop out of bed and go to the room next door for my workout (especially since moving farther away from the gym. I have weights, a bike, some bands and other equipment, but I have really been looking for more cardio options. I don’t have a lot of space for more equipment, and that is where the Cubii comes in. This under the desk elliptical is awesome. It gives me more options without taking up much space. I love my bike, but I have been getting kind of bored with it. Although I don’t spend as much time at home (especially at my desk) as I did a couple of years ago, something that can fit under my desk or somewhere else small is a game changer. 

My gym room is pretty crowded and this easily fits. 

In addition to my bike, weights, bands, yoga mat and ball, I am really excited to add the Cubii to my home gym. I have been following the Nourish Move Love workout program which is great for strength and this will add in the extra cardio I have been looking for. 

*this is a paid partnership with responsival 

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